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We are so proud to announce the launch of Grow our Valley! After many

hours of hard work and preparation our beautiful website is live (Thank

you Tal Ardenbaum of Be Scene so you can now donate easily to support our vision and please feel free to be a Grow our Valley Ambassador and share the website with friends and family - that way we will FLY!!

We did a live launch at the local Scarborough

Fair and a good time was

had by all. We were joined by our amazing friend and fellow visionary

Matilda who runs a sister Non Profit Organisation 'Visionary Can Ladies'

which also support and empowers women to start their own micro businesses.

Evi and Florence of 'Evi's Experiences' were also there and Grow our

Valley are supporting them to re-launch the Township Tour with a

traditional meal business which offers a fun and inspiring day out!

We were also selling groovy rucksacks and funky aprons made by Magic

Martha who Grow our Valley are supporting to start making beautiful

products to sell in local shops and markets.

We are all feeling super inspired and had lots of interest and inquiries

about what we are doing, onwards and upwards!

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