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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Grow our Valley team are super excited to be launching after an

intense time of dreaming, visioning and then actioning our ideas into

reality. Through community collaboration with women in the local

communities of Redhill and Masiphumalele we identified the need to work

together in sisterhood and create small micro businesses that can

sustain the women and their families.

Our mantra is 'small is beautiful' and recognise that by starting small

simple manageable businesses like sewing crafts and products and

offering services like cleaning and laundry within and outside their

communities it can create meaningful and sustainable change to the grim

cycle of poverty that is perpetuated over and over again by lack of jobs

and low wages that only cover basic living costs at best.

Grow our Valley want to be the wind under the wings of change and by

providing 'start up kits' for entrepreneurial women coupled with skills

training, workshops and ongoing mentoring we feel excited that these

women and their businesses will fly! Your support, interest and

donations will be very gratefully received and every penny goes towards

manifesting these ideas!

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